A film by Brian Cwikla. An Iguano Films production. Empty Fuller is the story of how one small misunderstanding, one single moment in time, can have heartbreaking consequences and violent resolutions.
David Fuller has no life. A painful event from his past has pushed those memories into the forgotten recesses of his brain and given birth to isolation, patterns and rituals - the only friends he has.
A chance encounter with a woman from his past triggers a journey of pain, remembrance and fear - all coming from the newly formed presence on the other side of his bathroom door.
David must confront this presence and the memories of forgotten events or else he will succumb to a resolution of the most violent kind.
Starring Douglas Sidney, Crystal Donner, Shad Cooper, Emily Fradenburgh, Cynthia Uhrich, Joe Schneider, Alex Hovda, Jordan Pratt-Thatcher, Kelsey Schultz, Samantha DeGroot, Michael Cook, Annie Einan, Mike Rylander,
Chris Rush, Robin Whitt, Matthew Feeney, Liz Ward, Marcy Grams, Rachel Grubb, Kelli Brooks, Allison Pavlick, Brett Schumacher, Corey Teinert, Melissa Hennessey, Mercedes Cruz, Jennifer Rocha, Shirl Boe.
Score composed by Kristin ěhrn Dyrud. Additional music provided by Cloud Cult. Sam Fischer - Director of Photography.
Filmed with participation of the Minnesota State Film Board and IFP. Filmed entirely in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We are all shaped by events from our past and unintentional injuries of childhood can have unexpected and devastating results. Empty Fuller is a psychological thriller about a man coming face-to-face with his painful past.

David Fuller is trapped in a life of deadening sameness. His only solace is the world he dives into when he reads a book. Friendless, isolated - he is disconnected from the world in a way that not even his own deepest secrets are known to himself.

Laura Matthews, a successful businesswoman, sees David reading at lunchtime outside her office window every day. Curiously drawn to him, she one day walks up to him and introduces herself. They quickly discover that they have a shared past. This is not the happy reunion of childhood friends but rather the reopening of old wounds that never healed and left them with lasting consequences.

Empty Fuller is a story of the past. It is the story of how one small misunderstanding, one single moment in time, can have heartbreaking consequences. And how those moments can grow, and fester, in the fertile soil of an adolescent mind, until the only possible result is an explosion of rage, bitterness, and violence.

Kirsten ěhrn Dyrud's haunting score carries us through this emotional journey of one man's struggle to overcome the tragedy of his life; of a woman's struggle to move beyond her own mistakes, and through gaining forgiveness, learn how to forgive herself.